Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club

Greenville, Illinois                             AD9OV

Weekly Net

147.165+ (103.5)
Linked Repeater

Club Repeaters

224.440- ( 103.5)
Linked to 2 Meter Repeater

442.925+ (103.5)

Net Manger

Clareen Dunn KB9BEB

The Okaw Valley ARC holds a weekly net on the Linked Repeater System  Sundays at 9:00 PM Central Time.
Net Control Stations serve on a rotating basis.  They control this “informal” Net and take announcements and check-ins at appropriate times.  All licensed Amateurs are invited to check-in.  The net observes holidays throughout the year.

2016 Holiday Dates

Holidays Observed

January 17th

Martin Luther King Day

March 27th


May 29th

Memorial Day

July 3th

Independence Day

September 4th

Labor Day

October 9th

Columbus Day

November 27th


December 25th


Net Preamble

2018 Net Schedule